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See what others have said about my services:

"Deborah Baer is a gifted clinician who listens with astute attention and brings compassion and clarity to her work with individuals, couples and groups. I especially appreciate her wonderful sense of humor, which is infused with affection for people and their human struggles. In her group presentations she is an astute group leader who presents material in a succinct, clear way and skillfully listens to her audience. Her inclusion of stories and her own perspectives make presentations engaging, and allow people to both learn from her and get in touch with insights of their own."

Jennifer, Licensed Acupuncturist

I was feeling hopeless with no idea why I was unhappy. Finding Deborah Baer was a godsend. I felt safe enough to get real, stop making excuses and do the work I needed to do to heal my life. I didn't know what joy felt like, indeed I thought it possible for everyone but me. Today I am able to experience true joy! Thanks Deb!

Robin, age 62, former client

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