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​Deborah Baer, LCSW-C, JD, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Baltimore. She brings experience, compassion and wisdom to her work, hoping to empower clients to work through their problems and to live fully.


“Deborah Baer is a gifted clinician who listens with astute attention and brings compassion and clarity to her work with individuals, couples and groups. ”  - Read more

Jennifer, Licensed Acupuncturist

Services Provided


Deborah works with adult individuals, couples and groups. Clients come to see Deborah for a variety of reasons, for help in finding solutions they haven’t been able to find on their own.  Deborah does workshops for groups on grief and loss.

What to Expect


Making the decision to seek therapy is an important one. You and your therapist will work together to establish treatment goals.

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